Vaasan Ulataksi Oy – Taksi Vaasa
Information and terms of service
By using the service, the user accepts these terms. With the Taksi Vaasa application, you can order a taxi in the Vaasa area, monitor the taxi on a map and pay for the taxi ride.
To make use of all the new features, first register your information and payment information in the service. By ordering a taxi through the Taksi Vaasa application, you ensure that you will have a safe and good quality taxi with a permit.
The taxi has a sealed fare meter with Vaasan Ulataksi Oy’s fares. The driver of a taxi with a permit is always a person who has a professional driver’s licence from the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency.
The Taksi Vaasa application is provided by Vaasan Ulataksi Oy. The user understands that by using the application, they accept that the orders are made based on the address they have sent and the user does not have the right to reimbursements if the order has been sent with the wrong address.
The user understands and accepts that data based on the phone’s GPS does not necessarily provide an accurate address and the user understands and accepts that they must check the address suggested by the application with every order. By registering for the service, the user enables the efficient use of all the application’s features.
When registering, the user enters their name, phone number, email address, payment information and password for the application. The payment information is only saved in the mobile payment provider’s (Clearhaus) system and Vaasan Ulataksi Oy has no access to the user’s payment information and Vaasan Ulataksi Oy does not save any payment information in their own systems.
Registration and ordering the taxi is free of charge. The price of the taxi journey is based on Vaasan Ulataksi Oy’s fares (
The client can either choose to have the price of the journey based on a fixed price or have it based on the taxi fare meter.
The price of the journey will be charged from the client’s payment card (or you can choose to pay in the car) after the journey and the receipt will be sent with the method chosen by the client, for instance to their email address.
If the card payment fails, an invoice for the journey will be sent to the client’s email address. Vaasan Ulataksi Oy will charge any possible collection fees from the client. The use of the service requires the use of mobile data. This may result in fees for the client. The client is responsible for the accuracy of order information. Misuse may result in blocking the use of the service and collection of reimbursements.
Orders made by the client but which have not been used may result in a fee of EUR 10 per wasted order.
The use of the Taksi Vaasa application is forbidden for commercial purposes, meaning that the user cannot collect fees from third parties for orders made through the application. The service is provided without commitments.

Vaasan Ulataksi Oy is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage or fees which may occur from a defunct service or improper action. The service user is registered based on their email address. The service collects information for instance of the user’s ordered journeys and the ratings given to these. More information can be found in the privacy policy below.
When placing the order, the client’s phone number is given to the receiving car to ensure the quality of the service. Vaasan Ulataksi Oy can change these terms of use independently if needed.

Privacy policy
The controller of this register is Vaasan Ulataksi Oy (Business ID: 0209636-8), Kirkkopuistikko 20 F, 65100 Vaasa. Tel. 06 320 3730, The name of the register is the client register of the Taksi Vaasa application.
Personal information is collected in order to provide the service ordered by the client through the Taksi Vaasa application, as well as to improve the quality of the service and to maintain client relations.
The register saves the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the users as well as information on ordered taxi journeys.
The register can also save information on feedback provided by the user connected to the service. The information in the register is collected from the use of the Taksi Vaasa application.
Information can be provided to officials based on existing laws. Vaasan Ulataksi Oy has the right to use and provide information in the register for justifiable use (for instance for direct marketing, distance sales and market research) according to the personal data act. The registered person can deny use of their information for marketing purposes or market research by informing the controller. The information of single orders placed through the service are provided to Taksi Vaasa Oy’s order centre as well as taxis in the area. Information is only provided to the extent that is necessary in order to provide the service. Registered information is not transferred outside the European Union or outside the European Economic Area. Some of the servers used for the service may however be located outside these areas. Access to the register’s information is only granted if it is necessary for processing the data.
Access to the information is regulated through access rights. The registered person has the right based on section 26 of the personal data act to check what information connected to them is saved in the register.
A written and signed request for this must be sent to: Vaasan Ulataksi Oy Tarkastuspyyntö / Henkilörekisterin tiedot / Taksi Vaasa -sovellus / Kirkkopuistikko 20 F, 65100 Vaasa